Interview with Oleg Mamchits


Nick: Oleg, you are bard, poet, multi-instrumentalist. Why did you decide to release an album of electronic music?

Oleg: I have always been free to creation. It is very important for me. When I write music, I was so fascinated the process, I do not think what style it is written. I get great pleasure from the sound and the process of working with him, it does not matter – if I extract the sound from the guitar, flute or synthesizer. But the live playing on the instruments certainly love more.

Nick: But even your singles in electronic styles such as «Space Travel» or «Oceanid» differ from what we hear in the album “Hear The World”.

Oleg: Yeah). This, again, affects my main principle – the freedom in creation. Even when I just listen music, I listen a lot music of different directions. If you knew, you would probably very surprised. But the more I do music, contemplate it, the wider becomes my perception. Music probably makes me the strongest feelings and impressions in this life.”

Oleg Mamchits. Album “Hear The World”

“We were able to talk with Oleg Mamchits through line video conferencing.

Mary Hue: You released a new album “Hear The World”. Some critics have responded about it, as a fresh wave from Ukraine in the genre of instrumental music. Several tracks, such as «Tokyo», «Dao Hip-Hop», «Sea Dragon» has a pronounced Asian flavor, echoes the Japanese or Chinese music.

Oleg: Yes (laughs), there is. I do really like folk. In particular, Asian music. She often combines elegance with powerful energy. I would like to listen this music people of the East.

Mary Hue: Do you have any plans after this album?

Oleg: Of course. I’m planning to release an album with tracks «Space Travel» and «Oceanid». There will be part of the tracks from “Hear The World”. Will composition in Celtic style. If I can restore old recordings 90s, I have included in this album are some interesting things the electric guitar improvisation. Also, I plan to do the restoration and remastering of old records music in style bard. This is a song with lyrics in russian language.

Mary Hue: I saw your pictures, where you play the flute in the band.

Oleg: Yeah. This is the group “Elf”. The author of music and texts in this group is my old friend Angelica Chernyakhovskaya. In the summer of 2014 I took part in the recording of her album. I wrote Flute.

Mary Hue: What inspires you to write music?

Oleg: It is very difficult to explain. It’s kind of the feeling inside. Sometimes it seems like the camera to shoot. I just take pictures of my own feelings, translating them into the language of music. It is something like a state of meditation. I’ve been meditating since 1995. Also, like qigong and practice the exercises.”

Oleg Mamchits. Album “Hear The World”


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